Laminate flooring in Land O' Lakes, FL from The Floor Boss

Is laminate flooring complicated to install?

Laminate flooring is almost always installed as a quick and uncomplicated floating floor. It should, however, always be installed by a professional.

As a result, the floor will be installed correctly, and you'll have a beautiful, long-lasting surface.

Hovering over the subfloor

With floating floors, there's a clicking mechanism. They form a mat placed over the subfloor without adhesives or nails.

Since this method takes less time to install, it is usually less expensive. In addition, since the pieces aren't affixed to the floor, they can easily be picked up and moved.

Be sure to acclimate to the room

The laminate core is made up of a fiberboard layer. This material is porous and flexible, a recipe for interacting with humidity!
The storage facility can also be a very different climate from that of your home. Don't take chances!

Keep boxes open or lay the pieces on the floor in the room. Please keep laminate flooring in the climate-controlled room for 48 hours before installation.

This allows moisture levels to align with those of the room. Acclimation eliminates concerns about bucking, expansion, or gapping.

Laminate wood flooring and underlayments

The extra cushioning provides stability, which is necessary, especially with floating floors. They also eliminate noise, act as vapor barriers and increase comfort for walking or standing.

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