Three FAQs about flooring

Three FAQs about flooring

Flooring is often chosen last when designing a home space. Still, with so many colorful and innovative options available, you may want to 'buck' tradition and choose your floor covering first.

This is easy to do when you shop for new floors at The Floor Boss in Land O' Lakes, Florida. Our flooring store offers a large selection of trendy, high-quality styles.

1. You have a choice between natural and manufactured flooring materials.

Hardwood is the most popular natural material, and, not surprisingly, studies show that homes that feature new floors that are wood are most marketable.

In addition, tiles made of stones like granite, slate, marble, soapstone, and travertine and clay-based ceramic and porcelain are in vogue. Versatile and durable luxury vinyl and less costly laminate planks and tiles mimic these natural materials.

2. Consider more than looks when making a purchasing decision.

To choose the right flooring, think about the function of the space, who will be using it, and how often it is used.

There are products for every need; in other words, there are products that are hypoallergenic, pet-friendly, tolerant of heavy foot traffic, and so on. Our flooring store specialists can help you find the best floor covering for your home.

3. Waterproof flooring materials are numerous.

Since most stones absorb moisture, natural stone tile floors are sealed after installation. Therefore, porcelain tile is inherently waterproof, while ceramic tile is only waterproof when it is glazed.

The highest quality luxury vinyl planks and tiles are one-hundred percent waterproof, while laminate flooring resists water for a specific time, usually about one day.

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