What to know about a laminate flooring installation

What to know about a laminate flooring installation

When laminate flooring came to the US market decades ago, it was highly praised as an excellent alternative to hardwood floors. It is affordable, attractive, durable, and has an easy installation.

These days it's only improving with sharper images, embossing that creates textured looks, and many other innovations.

Interested? Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the best laminate flooring.

Style and versatility

Laminate floors come with true-to-life images, echoing species such as oak, hickory, maple, etc. They come in various colors and designs, including knots, raised grains, swirls, wormholes, and more.

Laminate wood flooring should look like it came directly out of the forest.

Some to look at in our showroom include Restoration-French Oak by Mannington or Metro Acacia Bali or Metro Sculpted Butternut, both by Forest Accents.

Inquire about the AC Rating

Abrasion Criteria is a one to five rating system that determines strength. Each product is put through a series of tests; the failure of just one test can push it down a notch.

As the numbers go up, so does the strength. We carry AC-3 and AC-4, the most commonly chosen for residential use. AC-4 is the best laminate flooring for heavy foot traffic –even in some light commercial installations.

Also, look for the thickness

While it does come in a range of thicknesses, you should select at least 8 mm or higher. A thicker surface is quieter, lasts longer, and is easier to carve.

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